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Video Review By JAMES KALM

YouTube on April 2, 2011 | 12:27 mins  |

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PLOT: Behind one branch of the authentic avant-garde lays a field of unrelenting tragedy and pathos. One unredeemable example of this is Boris Lurie. Born in Leningrad in1924 at the age of sixteen he was taken prisoner by the Nazis and imprisoned for a period of four years at Buchenwald and other concentration camps. Loosing his mother, sister, and sweetheart, all before they even arrived at the camps, was a life altering happenstance. In the late fifties he, Stan Fisher and Sam Goodman formed the "NO!art" group as an aesthetic protest against what they saw as the "investment art market", perhaps a nescient version of "institutional critique" . As the ultimate proof of membership in the avant-garde, he died with his artistic legacy in near obscurity. This show seeks to bring his work to a greater audience. Includes an interview with curator John Wronoski.


Great! Great! Great! You are so right about the mood of this work being early Village. In those days I didn't see work like this--that's not it. But this was the mood of the Beatnik days. Art about something that has a cringe-ing grip on one's soul has so much more power than art about art. Composition, surface, concept--this kind of work is far beyond those artspeak limitations. I am so happy I saw this. My goodness, James--"softporn harlot" ! You are so funny. | jpapare

@jpapare Stream of consciousness narration is a hazardous practice especially for someone with linguistic deficit depravation. Makes me wish for a script sometimes...or, maybe not. |   jameskalmroughcut

Great artist. Thanks James. | claureic

I've always found the camera pauses very telling. I too liked the suitcase and the burden of hope we all bear. Yes we did it, so what? is how I've heard the holocaust described by a foreign exchange student. "Liked" is somehow not the right word. | spawndonitis

Great stuff! Again...thanks for sharing. :-) | JNieckarz

this is freankN fabulous - thanx James | cosmicku

About Videographer James Kalm (born 1951) is an art critic perhaps best known for The James Kalm Report, an online video series which covers events in the New York Art scene. The Kalm Report is shot from a first person perspective using a hand held camera. Typically Kalm arrives at an art show by bike -he calls himself "the guy on the bike"- and then walks through the show while providing commentary. - Kalm also writes a monthly column for The Brooklyn Rail called Brooklyn Dispatches. Kalm focuses on the Brooklyn art scene and particularly Williamsburg, of which he is one of the original champions. - James Kalm is the pseudonym of artist Loren Munk. | more

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