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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.





Lurie's studio outside doorLurie's studio doorbell panelLurie's studio door inside
Lurie's studio washbowlLurie's studio foodshelfLurie's studio kitchen nook
Lurie's studio detailBoris Lurie in his studioLurie's studio detail
Lurie's studio feel-paintingLurie's studio feel-paintingLurie's studio feel-painting
Lurie's studio collageLurie's studio detailLurie's studio detail
Lurie's studio worktableLurie's studio worktableLurie's studio flop
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When Dietmar Kirves was in New York for preparing the show "NO!art and the Aesthetics of Doom" at Block Museum in Evanston/Chicago Boris Lurie told him, that he can't come in in his studio at 543 E 6St. since two years. So Dietmar Kirves prepared the lock which was totally rusted. He needed more than three hours to open the door. Next day in the evening- it was October 29, 2001 - they had together a meeting there and on this day Dietmar Kirves did these photo shots during a long conversation with Boris Lurie.

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