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April 4th 1998

English version published in: NO!art Show No 3, catalog, New York, 1998

of the German art-trick machers'
could be, un-beloved also mocked at
purely German of the heavy pieces
Arian, the Jew the Chossid
...sorrow... sorrow
left his NEIN!kunst-No!art bleeding crutches
at the other shore, this River's
let them loose, to make them start/go running

 and we should, as much as we can
towards unity of of the un-business
life-death suppressed art-of-Really
from this feast, of the River
with our this side crying muscles
helpful be Wolf Vostell.

Aren't we then—all
into his cheek-hairs' Peyuss
hard as concrete
hooked inside.