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| 161 Essex Street | New York, NY 10002
May 14, 1993

Outlaw Art Show, 1993, invitationcard, front
Invitationcard front
Outlaw Art Show, 1993, invitationcard, back
Invitationcard back

ABOUT CLAYTON GALLERY: The gallery was founded by artist Clayton Patterson in 1986. Patterson has exhibited his own art—from embroidered custom-made baseball hats to photographs of the local Hispanic community—to the work of a diverse range of artists including Boris Lurie, Steve Bonge, Charles Gatewood, tattoo artist Spider Webb, Baba Raul Canizares, Jerry Pagane, Baldo Diodato, Manwoman, Cochise, Peter Missing, Jim Power, Elsa Rensaa, Efroim Schneider, Tom deVita, Bill Heine, Anne Ardolino, and Art Party Pravda. --- The gallery is open by appointment only. more

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