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[We miss the condolences of his "girl friend" Gertrude Stein
Nothing from her was found in any newspaper or magazine]

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Boris Lurie and Dietmar Kirves 1998 in Weimar-Buchenwald, photo by Sybille Wittmann, StuttgartDIETMAR KIRVES: We met us in the 70's to develope the NO!art movement. We put together the first NO!art anthology in the 80's. I was with you during 9/11 to prepare the NO!art and the Aesthetic of Doom Show. You supported my art studio work. I miss you and your creative controversial activities. Much success in the eternity. Your  voice will be always in my mind until we shall meet us again in the eternal hunting ground. NO!art goes on.

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CLAYTON PATTERSON: We will never give up, we will never give in, we will never quite- the struggle continues- our voices will eventually be heard and the message will be understood - you will be remembered- the struggle continues. we love you brother- R.I.P.

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MATHILDA WOLF: For Boris, the great master of NO!art. You are where I shall be and you were where I am. I gratefully rember the important and creative hours we spent together in Cologne, New York and Berlin. The Great Spirit bless you. R.I.P.

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MARITZA210: I am deeply saddened by the passing of Mr. Boris Lurie. May God eternally bless him and may he be forever remembered by those of us who, for the time being, remain in this world.

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NATALIA E. WOYTASIK: for boris lurie, kings & queens died, so we will meet soon and return like an U-turn back to the future of us...all the best to him and his mind! N.E.W.

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Die kalte Luft
drängt sich
durch diese ungehobelt Bretter-Spalten.
Weisst du
was philosophisch-so-gesprochen
Was Kälte ist?
--- Boris Lurie

Boris Lurie’s voice, image, authenticity, and wit stay with me, his art, poems and faxes to sooth me when I miss him. NO!art shall prevail.

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ALDO TAMBELLINI: Remembering the many many times coming from Cambridge, MA, I stayed at your apartment on E 66th ST…the late evening & half of the nights, 2 artists talking about WWII-world politics-social issues-sometimes debating our beliefs in ART & yes, discussing the state of the ARTS-our long discussions on the phone-the many letters with clippings you sent me which led to even more discussions this old friend misses you. Aldo Tambellini

this poem for you, Boris:

the supersonic wind
blows creative thoughts
away from mental prisons to the sky
blowing past the planets
away throughout dark mysterious matter
echoing among galaxies
away where creative minds
burn their visions
with the energy of billions fiery stars

A Time Not to Forget

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SIMON TAYLOR EXILED IN PARADISE (California): Boris, Boris... I found out about your departure yesterday. I hung out in your Sixth Street studio, a couple of dozen times, drinking vodka out of a broken coffee cup, until the wee hours of the morning. You were great company, always. Time well spent. Rest in peace, Boris. You deserve it.
All best, adieu, and take care. Simon Taylor

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