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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.



LURIE & GOODMAN | Gallery Schwarz, Milan 1962 | The intellectual groups that are taking a position of revolt against established society are getting to be more numerous from day to day. Boris Lurie and Sam Goodman showing at present at the Schwarz Gallery offer us proof that an identical process takes place in the figurative arts. We did encounter in work of American artists showing here some symptoms of rebellion and opposition - but here the case is quite different. Here revolt becomes the centre of the poetry, the principal and exclusive reason behind the inspiration. more

NO!art anthologyNO!art – PIN-UPS – EXCREMENT – PROTEST – JEW-ART |  Köln 1988 | compiled by Boris Lurie and Dietmar Kirves | Anthology with by Aragon, Aronovici, Ashton, Ayden, Battcock, Brown, Brunelle, Clert, Dawson, D'Arcangelo, De Hirsh Margules, Or-Ner, Erro, John Fisher, Stanley Fisher, Gassiot-Talabot, Gillespie, Gilman, Goertz, Goodman, Hess, Janco, Kahlke, Kline, Krim, Kusama, Lebel, Lurie, de Micheli, Micheline, O'Doherty, Picard, Rosenberg, Barry N. Schwartz, Emanuel K. & Reta Shaknove Schwartz, Schwarz, Simon, Stein, Stuart, Toche, Vostell, Waitzkin, Wisniewski and Wolfe. more

NO! | Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK) | Berlin 1995NO! | Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK) | Berlin 1995 | Show initiated by Dietmar Kirves with artworks by Boris Lurie, Sam Goodman, Stanley Fisher, Allan d'Arcangelo, Suzan Long, (Harriet Wood), Isser Aronovici, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Dorothy Gillespie, Yayoi Kusama, Michelle Stuart, Erro, Herb Brown, Stella Waitzkin, Lil Picard, Rocco Armento, Esther Gilman, Richard Tyler mit Textbeiträgen von Ulrike Abel, Georg Bussmann, Estera Milman, Clayton Patterson, Simon Tayler, and Wolf Vostell. more

BORIS LURIE: Bleed 1969 | Janos Gat Gallery| New York 1997BORIS LURIE: Bleed 1969 | Janos Gat Gallery 1997 | ... It does not conform to imposed formal criteria, to the accepted notions of taste - either good or bad. It does not conform to any rules at all but those of necessity. Concentration camps have rules, dictators have rules; even the art-world has rules. Lurie has survived them all; his art is a straightforward portrayal of what he has seen around him. And he has seen a lot. It has been said that all modern art in America is about anxiety, the anxiety that comes with "freedom." more

NO!art SHOW # 3 with Dietmar Kirves, Boris Lurie, Clayton Patterson and Wolf Vostell | Janos Gat Gallery| New York 1998 |NO!art SHOW # 3 with Dietmar Kirves, Boris Lurie, Clayton Patterson, and Wolf Vostell | Janos Gat Gallery | New York 1998 | Boris Lurie's Dismembered Women: Fighting on the Roof is one of the Ur-paintings of NO!art, a wall-size mural executed in 1952. | Tompkins Square Park Police Riot and Spirit of Freedom: video, photographs, and Court-Action as Art by Clayton Patterson, Lower East Side cultural organizer, archivist, activist and video-maker. | Dietmar Kirves: NO!indicators. Recent conceptual cryptography by the Berlin Political-Action-Artist, designer, and compiler of the NO!art Archives. - Wolf Vostell: Spoon over the Berlin Wall. more

Boris Lurie: Knives in Cement, Iowa 1999BORIS LURIE: Knives in Cement and Other Selected Constructions | South River Gallery UIMA | Iowa City 1999 | Completed in the early 1970s, Boris Lurie's unsettling assemblage of knives, concrete, rags and torn underwear was initially titled The End of Revolution. As can be expected, there is little about Knives in Cement that is optimistic. Instead, in its unmistakable reference to perpetual carnage, the work is imbued with a tangible dystopian aura. A segment of this piece is currently installed in The University of Iowa Museum of Art's. more

INFONO!art AND THE AESTHETICS OF DOOM — Evanston, IL | Show with artworks by Rocco Armento, Isser Aronovici, Herb Brown, Al D'Arcangelo, Stanley Fisher, Dorothy Gillespie, Sam Goodman, Allan Kaprow, Yayoi Kusama, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Boris Lurie, Lil Picard, and Wolf Vostell | This exhibition has been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency, the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, and the friends of Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art. | Curator of the Exhibition: Estera Milman more

NO!art in Buchenwald | Boris Lurie: Geschriebigtes + GedichtigtesNO!art in Buchenwald | Boris Lurie: Geschriebigtes/Gedichtigtes | Stuttgart 2003 | Compiled by Lurie and Kirves for the show "Boris Lurie: Werke 1946-1998" at Weimar-Buchenwald Memorial 1998/99. | With contributions by his friends Baj, Baratella, Brown, Brunet, Brus, Erro, Fabricius, Gatewood, Georges, Gerz, Gilman, Goldman, Golub, Goodman, Hallmann, Kaprow, Kusama, Kuzminsky, Lebel, Levitt, Long, Patterson, Rancillac, Salles, Salmon, Stuart, Tambellini, Theuerkauf, Tobocman, Toche, Tsuchiya, Vostell, Wolf. more

INFOBORIS LURIE: Feel-paintings | Janos Gat Galerie, New York | NO!art show no. 4 executed for Amikam Goldman's Film "NO!art MAN" | These works continue my "Feel-paintings" from the early 1950's and on. "Feel-paintings" are made by touching, caressing, almost "carving," as if to appear two-dimension-like, beating, scratching-a physical engraving of the emotionally loaded moment, with both hands, all fingers, elbows, fists, pressing against the surface-and leaving traces on paper or canvas (or other surfaces.) more

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