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MILAN 1962

Welcome to this exhibition. If your eyes and mind serve you well, you will see something new. When viewing this show, please avoid applying "aesthetic" labels; do not call us "realists", "neo-dadaists", "surrealists".

These labels are neither true nor important in today's context. Formalist distinctions do not apply here. Aesthetics are generally viewed as a fixed, solid entity: we look upon it as the reflection of changing reality. The ivory tower is no substitute for involvement in life. In a time of wars and extermination, aesthetic exercises and decorative patterns are not enough..

We are not "abstract", "non-objective", "representational" alone, - rather we are all of it: we want to use all inventions, past or present, without discrimination as to "styles"..

Totality is seen as a composite of all aspects: limiting, purist, puritanical approaches are rejected. We are not playful! We want to build art and not destroy it, but we say exactly what we mean - at the expense of good manners. You will find no secret languages here, no fancy escapes, no hushed, muted silences, no messages beamed at exclusive audiences. Art is a tool of influence and urging. We want to talk, to shout, so that everybody can understand. Our only master is truth.