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(Germany 1970)

NO!art  is anti worldmarket - investment art: (artworldmarket-investment art equals cultural manipulation).

NO!art  is against "clinical", "scientific" estheticisms: (such estheticisms are not art).

NO!art  is against the pyramiding of artworldmarket-investment-fashion-decorations ("minimal", "color field", "conceptual"): such games-decorations are the sleeping pills of culture. It is against "phantasy" in the service of the artmarket.

NO!art  is against all artworldmarket "salon" art.

NO!art  is anti Pop-art: (Pop-art is reactionary - it celebrates the glories of consumer society, and it mocks only at what the lower classes consume - the can of soup, the cheap shirt. Pop-art is chauvinistic. It sabotages and detracts from a social art for all.)

NO!art  is anti chauvinistic: (Domination by any national "school" is based mainly on the size of investment capital available. Domination by any national "school" is equivalent to cultural imperialism).

NO!art  is the crisis art of cultural suffocation.

NO!art  is socially relevant personal expression it is social art, it is protest art, it is political art, it is anti-art (anti artmarket art).

NO!art  naturally creates new esthetic forms or naturally operates within contemporary esthetic forms. Form (style) naturally derives from content, esthetic innovation is but a by-product of free unhampered expression.

NO!art  abhors the "clinical", "scientific", pseudo-esthetic search for "esthetic innovation".

NO!art  opened up and influenced certain artworldmarket deviations for which it cannot be held responsible. It is at the misgrown root of artworldmarket Pop-art, of certain present day erotic-escapist, and horror-for-the-sake-of-horror work.

NO!art  influenced positively present day political art, underground press and underground films and comics, "subversive" advertising in underground press, art (guerrilla) action groups, events of social content.

NO!art  fighting since 1959 from within the Lion's Mouth in New York City.

NO!art  ruthlessly suppressed and decimated but not eliminated or exterminated by artworldmarket suppression.

NO!art  from Pinups to Excrement: a social art rebellion. (Survey, book to be published soon).

NO!art  is "programmatic", through theme shows and manifestations freely growing within co-operative group effort. Each show, manifestation, naturally pointing towards next activity.

NO!art  attempts to influence life through art and therefore calls for quick strategic artistic response.

NO!art  done from the gut, is not an artistic occupation.

NO!art  The time for Yes-art is not at all at hand.

Published in: Lurie, Boris; Krim, Seymour: NO!art, Cologne 1988

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